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How to Recover from an OOPS Eating Day.

So I’m on a short vacation. Wednesday to Saturday. Sat down in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and ordered very well — seared salmon with an interesting risotto. I’d never eaten risotto, but I’ve seen the interesting rice dish prepared many times on Bravo’s television show, Top Chef. I know, I live in the nation’s capital and I’m sure some restaurant in Washington, DC presents a risotto dish but hey, it’s vacay. Anyway, after the EXCELLENT lunch, I agreed to share Puck’s chocolate beignet’s with raspberry sauce with a friend. Exquisite. Delish. No regrets, except for the fact that I could barely walk! Since I don’t eat a lot of bready carbs — even rice is kept to minimum — I was crazy bloated.

How to recover?  Real simple. Drink some water and get movin’.

I checked out the hotel gym and it was $25 — which I didn’t have a problem with IF it had some interesting class or the right energy, but the gym fell short of anything I can do myself — or with the resistance bands I brought with me. I headed upstairs to change without knowing if I’d be lunging down the hallways, heading to the pool or running sidewalks… when it dawned on me: “This hotel has 33 floors.” Voila.

I went to the top floor created a circuit of running down all the stairs, every-other-stair and then bounding back up, skipping every-other-stair. Every 10 floors or so — up and down — I’d do 10 pushups, or until failure. Whenever I needed to stop and rest, I did. Did the complete circuit twice and then caught the elevator up to my room. Hobbling and feeling GREAT.

Deal with the emotion — or in my case, the discomfort — quickly and move forward. You might not hit a billion flight of stairs. They call me extreme, I say intense. But besides feel bad, do somethin‘.