January 2012

So I signed onto Facebook to check for any email inquiries and got this pic from Kellie. As you can see, her results are PHENOMENAL. Kellie is a BNFIT Bootcamper who usually can only work out 40 minutes with us, as she has to get to work. I know that at 6:40 AM Kellie is breaking down, packing up and quietly saying goodbye. But she never let her early departure be an EXCUSE! RESULTS or EXCUSES. Not both. What will you choose? Thanks for working hard, Kellie and thank you for sending

What is BNFit Bootcamp? BNFit Bootcamp is a group fitness program designed to help you train hard and safely. I combine (1) free weights and barbells, (2) body weight exercises, (3) resistance bands, (4) TRX Core Training and (5) high-performance cardio — namely step aerobics, running, cycle, Plyometrics (jump training) and jump ropes  — taking only calculated rests to achieve maximum results. Be ready for anything creative — workouts are never routine. You’ll be challenged physically and mentally.  Your resting heartrate will decrease — meaning your heart will function more efficiently. All fitness levels are