Hi BNFIT Fam! Since the weather has broken, our Saturday 7am BootCamp sessions will be at the Suitland High School track (5200 Silver Hill Rd, District Hgts MD). Bring weights & water. $10. Text "BNFIT" to 72727 for all other updates. Been away for a long minute, but we're coming back soon with more blogs, more interaction and more fitness!!! Talk soon!

So I'm on a short vacation. Wednesday to Saturday. Sat down in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and ordered very well -- seared salmon with an interesting risotto. I'd never eaten risotto, but I've seen the interesting rice dish prepared many times on Bravo's television show, Top Chef. I know, I live in the nation's capital and I'm sure some restaurant in Washington, DC presents a risotto dish but hey, it's vacay. Anyway, after the EXCELLENT lunch, I agreed to share Puck's chocolate beignet's with raspberry sauce with a friend. Exquisite. Delish. No

Tonight’s open house was phenomenal. I met several old and new faces who wanted to (1) meet me, (2) tour the awesome facilities at Capital Sports Complex, and (3) get in on a few demonstrations to prepare for a new year. WE GOT IT IN! Great fun and THANKS A MILLION to everyone for your support. Special shout-out to Admin Super-Power, Bianca Lea. See you all Monday!

and you know exactly what i mean too. the day has come and gone. we laughed and gave and received and ate. but it's over now. my sister keeps the menu simple on most holidays: crab cakes, sauteed green beans, sweet potatoes, a lil pie. simple enough. and i didn't overdo it THIS time. but if you DID overdo it, #shrug. count it as a bygone. one thing that helped me stay on course yesterday was that i left my "eating clothes" at home -- those sweats, that house dress, the pajama