December 2010

i heard some concerns at last night's open house that i will address.  most people simply fear the unknown. the first battle, however is already won because you found the right program: BN-Fit Boot Camp, baby! allow me to familiarize you with a few things. it's proven that beginners in the gym can injure themselves because of improper form, going too heavy too fast, or even not drinking enough water.  here's a list of do-don't-injuries: pulled muscle:  over-doing it is common and can lead to pulled muscle, back pain or extreme soreness.

Tonight’s open house was phenomenal. I met several old and new faces who wanted to (1) meet me, (2) tour the awesome facilities at Capital Sports Complex, and (3) get in on a few demonstrations to prepare for a new year. WE GOT IT IN! Great fun and THANKS A MILLION to everyone for your support. Special shout-out to Admin Super-Power, Bianca Lea. See you all Monday!

so i watched that old oprah show where she interviewed the man who weighed 982 pounds -- 1000 pounds!! he worked hard and lost 700 pounds -- only to gain it all back again. i know the pain and embarrassment of regaining weight because i've done it. you drop 20 for the summer, feel great and celebrate by eating recklessly and stopping those workouts. are you kidding me?   my heart broke for him. but what I really got from the show is to think more in terms of PURSUIT, and not DESTINATION

I've been announcing via Facebook and Twitter that the BN-Fit Boot Camp begins on Monday, January 3, 2011. I'm hosting an OPEN HOUSE this coming Thursday, December 30 from 5 to 9 pm. You can meet me, check out the Complex, and I'll be doing demonstrations. Bring your kicks running shoes. Capital Sports Complex — the old Run N’ Shoot 6417 Marlboro Pike District Heights, MD Thursday, December 30, 2010 --  5 to 9 pm For more info on Boot Camp, click link here.

and you know exactly what i mean too. the day has come and gone. we laughed and gave and received and ate. but it's over now. my sister keeps the menu simple on most holidays: crab cakes, sauteed green beans, sweet potatoes, a lil pie. simple enough. and i didn't overdo it THIS time. but if you DID overdo it, #shrug. count it as a bygone. one thing that helped me stay on course yesterday was that i left my "eating clothes" at home -- those sweats, that house dress, the pajama

first off, some folk don't like the term "eating clean" but bn-fit adopts it with enthusiasm because you have to clean up your diet in order to get fit. in a nutshell: do eat:  whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and minimal complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, bran, brown rice). there are lots of great recipes; check out my food as fuel category or this post: snack time: an ice cream-like treat. don't eat: fast food, refined sugar, white bread, preservatives, bad fats (hydrogenated and trans-fat), and most sugar subsitutes. an easy way to remember if a