October 2011

So it's officially Fall. I know this because I wore suede boots last week and my foot would have protested otherwise. I also know it because that's when Girl Scouts everywhere let loose on innocent victims. In order to combat these sweet little girls, as well as the beautiful grocery store displays, the aromas of fresh-baked devil bread, Aunt Wilzetta's famous triple layer blah blah blah

Hi all. Two adjustments for this week: 1. For Columbus Day, our Boot Camp time is pushed back to 7am. 2. Wednesday nite Bootcamp at 7:30 is cancelled. One of my closest friends who I consider a big sister passed away and I'll be on travel. We WILL have Bootcamp each morning at 6am the rest of this week. Wednesday and Thursday AM will be instructed by Sargent Nuria AKA NUNU!  Let's workout!! See you in the AM. Quick Wisdom: If Plan A fails, you have 25 more letters. BNFIT, baby!

Today was weight day at BNFIT Bootcamp. It was hard. But reading the attached status update on Facebook today inspired a new post. It's been more than a month since I've blogged, but this is the day. BNFIT Bootcamp is more than a family atmosphere where you can workout with no judgement and celebrate others victories. It's also more than the great fun we have on a daily basis. It is where REAL work is going down. The women and the men do the same workout. Even on weight day.