May 2011

The goal is clear. This is the list of foods and drinks to avoid; period! If you need to, you can begin by identifying a goal and start to cut back. If you are someone who drinks three diet sodas a day, cut down to two. Then next week reduce to one. Challenge yourself to get 1% better every day. Here is the list of 11 foods to avoid: #1: Sugar (corn syrup, fructose, molasses, sucrose) #fitness #2: Artificial sweeteners: Aspartame (NutraSweet/ Equal), sucralose (Splenda), saccharin

So I'm on a short vacation. Wednesday to Saturday. Sat down in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and ordered very well -- seared salmon with an interesting risotto. I'd never eaten risotto, but I've seen the interesting rice dish prepared many times on Bravo's television show, Top Chef. I know, I live in the nation's capital and I'm sure some restaurant in Washington, DC presents a risotto dish but hey, it's vacay. Anyway, after the EXCELLENT lunch, I agreed to share Puck's chocolate beignet's with raspberry sauce with a friend. Exquisite. Delish. No

“I love to exercise, but I still have to laugh at it. You go to the health club, you see all these people and they’re working out; they’re training, they’re getting in shape. But nobody’s really getting in shape for anything. In modern society, you really don’t have to be physically strong to do anything. The only reason that you’re getting in shape is so you can get through the workout. So we’re working out, so that we’ll be in shape, for when we have to do our exercises. That’s