I was asked on Facebook about  an increasingly popular protein supplement called Muscle Milk. I don't normally venture into supplements -- because the body can get what it needs from whole foods -- but since I've been seeing Muscle Milk in supermarkets, drug stores and vending machines and it's an important question, I took a look and share my answer here. The idea behind the products is to build muscle, burn fat, promotes lean muscle growth and helps the user prepare for and recover from strenuous exercise. It seeks to emulate human

Today was weight day at BNFIT Bootcamp. It was hard. But reading the attached status update on Facebook today inspired a new post. It's been more than a month since I've blogged, but this is the day. BNFIT Bootcamp is more than a family atmosphere where you can workout with no judgement and celebrate others victories. It's also more than the great fun we have on a daily basis. It is where REAL work is going down. The women and the men do the same workout. Even on weight day.

I was riding my bike this morning when a frantic "My Wedding is in 4 Months!" call came in. After the call and doing business, it dawned on me: I'm a Personal Trainer! People depend on me. People trust me. People pay me — which means they expect value. People obey me. Some of my clients don’t lift a weight without me…. drives me nutz, but I get it. Have you ever had one of these moments? Just 3 years ago, I was in the same place of depending on a

Just wanna weigh in on a question I get from clients on why our routines don't include Smith Machines, which are very popular and can be found in most gyms. In my opinion there are more cons than pros to using this machine. We're hitting this quick. PRO's: the Smith Machine is less intimidating then free weights, as you don't have to stabilize weight during the up/down motion. if you reach failure unexpectedly and can’t push anymore, you can turn your wrists and lock it in its place. you don’t have the danger of pushing

i heard some concerns at last night's open house that i will address.  most people simply fear the unknown. the first battle, however is already won because you found the right program: BN-Fit Boot Camp, baby! allow me to familiarize you with a few things. it's proven that beginners in the gym can injure themselves because of improper form, going too heavy too fast, or even not drinking enough water.  here's a list of do-don't-injuries: pulled muscle:  over-doing it is common and can lead to pulled muscle, back pain or extreme soreness.

so i watched that old oprah show where she interviewed the man who weighed 982 pounds -- 1000 pounds!! he worked hard and lost 700 pounds -- only to gain it all back again. i know the pain and embarrassment of regaining weight because i've done it. you drop 20 for the summer, feel great and celebrate by eating recklessly and stopping those workouts. are you kidding me?   my heart broke for him. but what I really got from the show is to think more in terms of PURSUIT, and not DESTINATION