For YOU or for someone you love! Staying fit is easier said than done. Boredom and lack of motivation can kill your workout routine. Doing the same work out routine day-in-and-day-out gets old fast. And repeating the same workout may actually cause a plateau in your progress. Adding in a few different tools can make your fitness routine feel fresh again. If you're already part of BNFIT Bootcamp or if you're a personal training client, you're aware that our workouts stay innovative to keep you motivated. OF COURSE, our favorite thing for Christmas is a BNFIT

Just wanna weigh in on a question I get from clients on why our routines don't include Smith Machines, which are very popular and can be found in most gyms. In my opinion there are more cons than pros to using this machine. We're hitting this quick. PRO's: the Smith Machine is less intimidating then free weights, as you don't have to stabilize weight during the up/down motion. if you reach failure unexpectedly and can’t push anymore, you can turn your wrists and lock it in its place. you don’t have the danger of pushing