So I'm on a short vacation. Wednesday to Saturday. Sat down in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and ordered very well -- seared salmon with an interesting risotto. I'd never eaten risotto, but I've seen the interesting rice dish prepared many times on Bravo's television show, Top Chef. I know, I live in the nation's capital and I'm sure some restaurant in Washington, DC presents a risotto dish but hey, it's vacay. Anyway, after the EXCELLENT lunch, I agreed to share Puck's chocolate beignet's with raspberry sauce with a friend. Exquisite. Delish. No

i heard some concerns at last night's open house that i will address.  most people simply fear the unknown. the first battle, however is already won because you found the right program: BN-Fit Boot Camp, baby! allow me to familiarize you with a few things. it's proven that beginners in the gym can injure themselves because of improper form, going too heavy too fast, or even not drinking enough water.  here's a list of do-don't-injuries: pulled muscle:  over-doing it is common and can lead to pulled muscle, back pain or extreme soreness.