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Some Foods Make You Hungrier

The goal is clear. This is the list of foods and drinks to avoid; period! If you need to, you can begin by identifying a goal and start to cut back. If you are someone who drinks three diet sodas a day, cut down to two. Then next week reduce to one. Challenge yourself to get 1% better every day. Here is the list of 11 foods to avoid:

#1: Sugar (corn syrup, fructose, molasses, sucrose) #fitness

#2: Artificial sweeteners: Aspartame (NutraSweet/ Equal), sucralose (Splenda), saccharin (Sweet ’N’ Low). #fitness

#3: High-fructose corn syrup #fitness

#4: Fruit juices. #fitness

#5: Alcohol. #fitness

#5: Soda. #fitness

#6: Added salt. #fitness

#7: White flour products. #fitness

#8: White pasta. #fitness

#9: White rice. #fitness

#10: Fast food/fried food. #fitness

#11: Soy-based products. #fitness

Whether you’re kicking your weight-loss goals into play or looking to make tweaks to your diet, these foods will make your stomach growl even more.  See which eats are empty promises, so you can steer clear.

French Fries

“Although school districts consider french fries a vegetable, they are really just starchy simple carbs that are fried, salted, and dipped in high fructose corn syrup (ketchup),” says Kate Brown, ISSA CFT for DailyBurn. “Between the salt and carbs, fries will always leave youwishing that you had ordered a supersize.”

White Pasta

“White pasta is stripped of its original nutrient content and fiber, making it more concentrated and sweet but less healthy too,” says Keren Gilbert, MS, RD and founder of Decision Nutrition. “The simple carbs cause your blood glucose levels to go up, which makes you feel hungrier.”

Flavored Yogurt

While yogurt is packed with bone-benefitting calcium, that yummy Key Lime Pie flavor is packed with sugar, and sometimes, high-fructose corn syrup. Be sure tocheck the container’s label before buying. Gilbert suggests buying plain yogurt and adding your own natural toppings like nuts and fruit for additional fiber and healthy fats.

Hot Dogs

“Filled with nitrates, dyes, preservatives, and high sodium, these links wreak havoc on our digestive systems,” says Gilbert. “When you fill your body with unnatural ingredients, it won’t feel satisfied for very long.” Your better-BBQ pick? A hamburger!

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    July 25, 2011

    Great List B! That sugar is El Diablo I tell you…