WHAT!!? Why are the numbers on my scale CLIMBING!!!!!? That is a valid and often frustrating question -- and the answers are often hard. “Any change in your life circumstances can produce changes in eating and exercise, which leads to weight gain,” stated Edward Abramson, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology at California State University, author of Emotional Eating. So why has your weight increased? And, more importantly, what can you do about it? 1. Life’s Fat Traps If you've ever trained with me, you've heard me say that everyone's weight fluctuates -- my cushion/excuse for my

So I'm on a short vacation. Wednesday to Saturday. Sat down in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and ordered very well -- seared salmon with an interesting risotto. I'd never eaten risotto, but I've seen the interesting rice dish prepared many times on Bravo's television show, Top Chef. I know, I live in the nation's capital and I'm sure some restaurant in Washington, DC presents a risotto dish but hey, it's vacay. Anyway, after the EXCELLENT lunch, I agreed to share Puck's chocolate beignet's with raspberry sauce with a friend. Exquisite. Delish. No

“I love to exercise, but I still have to laugh at it. You go to the health club, you see all these people and they’re working out; they’re training, they’re getting in shape. But nobody’s really getting in shape for anything. In modern society, you really don’t have to be physically strong to do anything. The only reason that you’re getting in shape is so you can get through the workout. So we’re working out, so that we’ll be in shape, for when we have to do our exercises. That’s

Jumping jacks are the perfect choice for a quick and easy cardio move. Do these heart healthy moves as a standalone exercise, or pair them with weight lifting sets at the gym to keep your pulse up and burn extra calories. The real results that come from doing jumping jacks are not exactly seen, but rather felt. Jumping jacks help increase your fast twitch muscle fibers by working the calves, glutes, deltoids, lats, and gracilis. Jumping Jacks may seem like they belong on the playground, but they are actually one of the best high intensity exercises that you can add to your