April 2011

Jumping jacks are the perfect choice for a quick and easy cardio move. Do these heart healthy moves as a standalone exercise, or pair them with weight lifting sets at the gym to keep your pulse up and burn extra calories. The real results that come from doing jumping jacks are not exactly seen, but rather felt. Jumping jacks help increase your fast twitch muscle fibers by working the calves, glutes, deltoids, lats, and gracilis. Jumping Jacks may seem like they belong on the playground, but they are actually one of the best high intensity exercises that you can add to your

Okay, you’ve got 7 spots at your dinner table. You can’t invite family. Invitees have to be alive and they have to be people you’ve never met. Who’s getting the invites? Here’s my seven: 1. John Piper 2. Sean Croxton 3. Quincy Jones 4. Clive Davis 5. Carly Fiona 6. Ron Carpenter 7. CeCe Winans Bonus Invite: Spike Lee What an abundant and diverse conversation