BN Fitness

On Why the Blog Posts Slowed Down.

So yeah, I started in December 2010 on a SUPER-charged 10. I posted nearly every day, but in December I modestly only had 4 clients and I taught group fitness classes at CSC twice a week. Presently, BN-Fit Personal Fitness serves 22 regular personal training clients, as well as conducts a daily 6am Boot Camp… we even a train a lady Deborah Bishop who claims to be a senior citizen. I had stopped teaching classes at CSC to get the Boot Camp off the ground, but on April 1st I returned to teach my group fitness class (Wednesday mornings at 9am) to give back to the Capital Sports Complex gym, whose owners and members have been encouraging and generous to me.

In the 4 months of 2011, God has graced BN-Fit to:

  • deliver the Opening Session of First Baptist Church of Glenarden’s Fitness Expo; my presentation was “How I lost 100 Pounds” and was attended by a good portion of this 10,000-member church.
  • train and present at the Capital Sports Complex Fitness Expo.
  • hire a Boot Camp assistant, David Green who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic; he helps with teaching classes and handles street-team marketing.
  • partner with Brotha Online Magazine as its fitness expert. I will write a monthly column on various fitness-related subjects for its growing readership. The publisher, Charles Clark, is super-supportive of BN-Fit.
  • conduct a Boot Camp for the Howard Gospel Choir on the campus of Howard University, geared toward Core Conditioning for performing artists.
  • train the ministry staff of Jabbok International Ministries 3 times a week.
  • regularly train the staffs of a Fortune 500 corporation and 2 government organizations (peep the privacy).
  • train Professional Boxer, Maurice Byarm.
  • train the 45 members of the University of Maryland Boxing Team.
  • regularly train 22 PT clients who give BN-Fit Personal Fitness a chance each day that they show up.

Now, the Boot Camp…. that’s another story. Is it too early or something???  🙂  I’m still looking for my Boot Camp folk! My brother-in-law Doug, my best friend yeah YOU!… wassup?  Just looking for those folk that will come at least 3 times a week.  In the words of one of my friends and PT clients, Kym Lee, “Holla at yo boy!”

But not a ONE complaint. I’m waaaay grateful that you have allowed me to help you change your life. Training, motivating, pushing, chopping and laughing with you has been a joy, great fun and an excellent start to a career that I’m CALLED to. Long-story-short… THAT’S why the posts slowed down. See?