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Snack Time: Ice Cream-Like Treat

It’s a snow day in DC and I have the munchies.  The fun comfort snacks of yesteryear — ice cream, cookies, cake, etc. — are no longer in my immediate purview, because I’ve learned to look at food as fuel… and my workouts and working with clients requires high-quality fuel.

This recipe is an easy tradeoff for ice cream and I promise to post this again on a hot day.

Let a few bananas ripen. Peel. Cut. Freeze. Drop frozen pieces in a food processor. Grind until they resemble the texture of ice cream. And you’re done. Whiz in some vanilla or peanut butter or sprinkle on some cinnamon. Get creative. Next week I’m freezing peaches and see what happens.

Simple. And again… it’s FUEL. See?

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    December 20, 2010


    Will have to try that though. Sounds good!