BN Fitness

mistakes to avoid.

i heard some concerns at last night’s open house that i will address.  most people simply fear the unknown. the first battle, however is already won because you found the right program: BN-Fit Boot Camp, baby!

allow me to familiarize you with a few things. it’s proven that beginners in the gym can injure themselves because of improper form, going too heavy too fast, or even not drinking enough water.  here’s a list of do-don’t-injuries:

  1. pulled muscle:  over-doing it is common and can lead to pulled muscle, back pain or extreme soreness.  always warmup and stretch before working out.
  2. dropping weights:  be sure not to drop free weights. not only does it ruin the floors, but it can break toes or pinch your fingers. stay focused and be aware.
  3. slips/trips:  be srue to watch where you step and walk ESPECIALLY if you’re in a step CLASS. until/if we move outside, watch out for the floors… after a good workout, it’s not uncommon to see sweat on the floor. water spills. untied shoe laces. see?’
  4. not using proper technique:  be sure to listen to me and the other bn-fit instructors and watch how we lift and move so you lift and move properly.
  5. dehydration:  please, please, please bring water to class. also… 6 am is very early, so many of us will not have eaten, but at least have some water before you get to class. the body naturally sweats to cool the body down and this process is enhanced during exercise.

since i’m the blogger 🙂 i’ll edit and add to this post as we go.

signing off now.  on way to church to thank God for a healthy, peaceful and prosperous year — with no injuries!