BN Fitness

Great Night!

The 1st to arrive, Cece poses in the Boot Camp studio: "YES!"

Tonight’s open house was phenomenal. I met several old and new faces who wanted to (1) meet me, (2) tour the awesome facilities at Capital Sports Complex, and (3) get in on a few demonstrations to prepare for a new year. WE GOT IT IN!

Great fun and THANKS A MILLION to everyone for your support. Special shout-out to Admin Super-Power, Bianca Lea.

See you all Monday!

When we're not in the studio, we're on one of the courts.

This is how we do it! The Owens parents outrun their kids... "A Healthy ME makes a strong WE."

Highway Lilly went straight for the exercise bikes, but we hear she's pretty handy with a jump rope.

Quantrell Smith, owner of Q's Hardbody Fitness (and my boss) looking serious. A stickler for safety and proper form.