BN Fitness

my new year’s day workout

location: schromb hills park in greenbelt, maryland
trainer: norm bernier
client: byron nichols
warm-up and cool-down: 1-mile run
exercises (20 repetitions of each, with 50-yard run between each exercise with as little rest as possible): 1-arm clean press, 1-arm rows in pushup position, starburst squats, mountain climbers, 3-point squats, bicycles, pushups, walking lunges

the session was 50 minutes (10:30 – 11:20 am) and it was over. don’t let the early time of BN-Fit Boot Camp or any workout discourage you. get motivated for a new year!!

thanks, norm, for pushing me and for giving me a part of your new year’s day.

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    January 3, 2011

    Get it B! Your stomach is so FLAT and I can tell you weren’t holding it in for the camera! I am truly inspired by you. I am running another half marathon in May. I want to talk to you about being my trainer/nutritionist ( long distance??). I have many important things going on this year and it is my year to SHINE!