BN Fitness

you probably know enough already.

i have a few radical thoughts about health and wellness as an industry and how information is massaged, re-packaged, re-hashed, updated and expanded for the information-hungry consumer.

it all really comes down to only three things.

  1. eat real food.
  2. train outside of your comfort zone. HARD.
  3. recover.

this year, don’t get so wrapped up in the minor — and generally irrelevant — details of your training or diet that you miss the big picture.  don’t keep flailing about for that perfect program, that secret program, that magic program. case in point: i have archived over 200 fitness articles in my email that i collected and hoarded even when i was 350 pounds.. when i just needed to apply the first 5 emails i ever had.

it normally boils down to information vs. application.

make no mistake, i keep up with the latest information to be the best i can for myself and clients. but much of it is minutiae. the fundamental principles of what someone needs to do to generate fat loss or get bigger have been out there for years. so if you’re wondering where 2010 went without you getting closer to your goals, look at what you did. Did you continually look for more information, or did you actually focus on the application of what you already know works?

no more info… JUST DO IT!

25 year-old slogan. still rhema from on High.