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Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Change your life and sit through this workshop. I watched this in September and today and it revolutionized my thinking on Sugar. To download for later watching, there’s a “download” button below the video on the actual YouTube page.


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    January 12, 2011

    B! I am going to watch this tonight and write a full report on it. I know sugar is the devil isn’t good for me but I think I have an addiction to it. I’ll be back sooner than later to give my .2

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        Enlightened BP
        January 14, 2011

        So I watched the video in two parts ( it’s been that kinda week) and I feel so enlightened…..from the whole “Coke conspiracy”, to the fact that high fructose corn syrup was molecularly formed by the Japenese….all the charts and graphs. JUST WOW!

        Thank you so much for posting this B. I am going to see if the book Pure, White and Deadly is on Amazon so I can read up some more. I come from a long line of diabetics but the buck stops here. Sugar (high fructose corn syrup) really is the devil.

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    Delmarie H.
    January 28, 2012

    Good God in Zion! So I have basically been killing myself with the aid of the government and big corporations! GOOD GOD IN ZION!