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#Warrior #Passion #Reset

Fear had crept in unaware. It found homes in dark, safe, secret places. So it was a guest in a house in which it didn’t belong — and had nerve to get hungry. Now… had fear just snacked on vegetables and fish and the occasional pizza, it MAY have been alright. But fear has very specific cravings and tastes AAAAAND fear is determined in its quest for satisfaction. And I might add… quite bossy. And NOISY — annoyingly so. And believable. 

Despite what Samuel and Dalineta had instilled, fear had a field day. But Delmarie got tired. And then she got sick of being tired. And then got tired of being sick. She would soon discover three things about evicting this territorial enemy named fear. The first: Destiny moves at the speed of decision. The second: Fear is a L.I.E. The third: There is glory behind the fear. And this glory is as beautiful and powerful and healthy as fear is cunning and indefatigable. 

Congratulations to Delmarie for doing this thing like she was BORN to FIGHT to WIN. 

“My food is to do the will of the Father and to completely finish the work.” Jesus

#warrior #passion #reset


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    Brenda Ford
    October 17, 2014

    Such an awesome job Delmarie has done and what a powerful story she has!!!

    I am at a place where I need to make a change. What I’m doing food wise is no longer working and I’m no longer able to burn through my lovely snacks (usually only nuts) and cocktails with 5 days a week of exercise. I realize there are hormonal and metabolic changes happening, but I have not made the necessary shifts. My FEAR is….will this work? I have fought weight almost all of my 49 years on this earth and I do not take gaining weight well.

    BUT…..I will fight the good fight!!!

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        Brenda Ford
        October 17, 2014

        RIGHT!! It’s not so easy to sneak for 3 days. Exactly!!!!