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10 Tips for Surviving Your 30 Day Challenge!

So it’s officially Fall. I know this because I wore suede boots last week and my foot would have protested otherwise. I also know it because that’s when Girl Scouts everywhere let loose on innocent victims. In order to combat these sweet little girls, as well as the beautiful grocery store displays, the aromas of fresh-baked devil bread, Aunt Wilzetta’s famous triple layer blah blah blah… it’s simple… in life you’ve got to PREPARE!

Starting this Monday, October 24, we begin the BNFIT 30 Day Exercise Challenge.  Monday begins a 30-day countdown to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving — November 23.  This is the Challenge: Register with BNFIT to lose that 10 pounds or that 20, so you go into the holiday having already accomplished your goal. $125 for the 30 days.  Get a head-start on those 2012 goals with this Challenge… and do it with the BNFIT family.  It’s a n0-judgement zone, lots of love AND more than affordable.  We are looking for quite a few people to register, so guarantee your spot by registering on the PayPal link to your right.

Here are a few tips for surviving your 30 day challenge.

1. START. Just start. Stop researching. Stop asking questions. You know enough already. Let’s go.

2. Set your goal. 10 pounds. 20. Lower your blood pressure…. set that goal and workout with it in mind.

3. Before your first few sessions, I suggest you eat 1/2 a banana or a few bites of oatmeal. You can determine later whether you prefer to workout on an empty stomach — especially for the early sessions.

4. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of WATER. Get the sugary snacks, sodas and juices out of your fridge. Throw them away.

5. Bring water to your sessions.

6. Don’t stop coming to class. Many of us are subject to the wrong power — our flesh, our bodies; our minds have to run the ship.

7. If you get a little sore, soak in a warm Epsom salt bath or put some rubbing alcohol in the water. Stretch! You’re doing well because you began!

8. Remind yourself that you have made enough excuses; now it’s time to make RESULTS.

9.  Keep coming. It’s becoming a theme — Eat well. Train. Recover. Repeat.

10. Your mantra must be: I WILL COMPLETE THIS CHALLENGE. I am bein’ fit. I am worth this investment.

Set your days and commit. Results or Excuses — Not Both. At the end of the Challenge, we will celebrate in grand style. The winners will join me in a photo shoot with the acclaimed photographer Bill Lee of Real Life Photos.  These photos will be a part of BNFIT’s 2012 marketing campaign. Come be a part! Please comment any questions, concerns or call 202-321-9244.


Monday – Friday at 6am

Wednesday at 7:3opm

Saturday at 7am.

  • reply
    October 19, 2011

    NICEEEEE! Challenge, sorry I am not local to participate, cause I would be up for it!! Good luck with it!! Look forward to seeing your teams results.

  • reply
    Brenda Ford
    October 27, 2011

    I’ve been working out with you too long because I hear your ‘voice’ in #1. LOL!!! YEAH YEAH!