BN Fitness

it’s over.

and you know exactly what i mean too. the day has come and gone. we laughed and gave and received and ate. but it’s over now.

my sister keeps the menu simple on most holidays: crab cakes, sauteed green beans, sweet potatoes, a lil pie. simple enough. and i didn’t overdo it THIS time. but if you DID overdo it, #shrug. count it as a bygone.

one thing that helped me stay on course yesterday was that i left my “eating clothes” at home — those sweats, that house dress, the pajama bottoms. i wore a tighter jean for whatever mental benefits that provided….. aaaand i have personal training clients and a new boot camp to lead in not many days hence.

for the next holiday or event, remember this:

NOTHING tastes as good as being healthy feels.