BN Fitness

no posts for weeks… this is where i was: heaven.

so this was my first cruise experience and it was incredible. most of my travel has been music-oriented — some beautiful places all over the world… but to travel with nothing on the agenda is more like it.

snorkeling in st. thomas, chilling on the beaches of the bahamas, shopping on saint martin. a massage. working out.  i finally read that wally lamb novel i’ve been trying to read for a year… and another book a good friend sent me off with. it ended up being a life-changer. more working out. good food, of course.  networking with some great people. spending time with one of my oldest friends, ellisha!

hard work yielded that kind of vacation. back and re-charged. look out for a fitness post soon, but until then… yeah… look at the picture and tell me how you feel! 🙂