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No Excuses FOR REAL!!

You talkin bout “Excuses or Results, not Both” on a TOTALLY whole notha level. I can’t complain about ANYTHING! If you don’t thank lift up your hands to the Most High God with thanksgiving after this, then I just don’t know.  Thank you, Lord!!


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    Keith Childress
    January 9, 2012

    One of my sisters in Christ has blessed me by sponsoring me with a month at Byron’s Bootcamp.It has been one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me.I have been laid off since July and depression was in hot pursuit of me…and sometimes overtook me.Along with using God’s Word this class has been a source of warfare for me.
    Byron is one awesome trainer…He has to be bionic!!! I have never had such a workout!
    I am already getting a bit sad because each day is getting closer to the end of the month when it will be the end for me 🙁 …But I am ever so grateful for the time that I have had in this kick but bootcamp! Thank you Byron! You are the best!!!
    Keith F Childress