BN Fitness

Introducing the BNFIT Training Team and Schedule

BNFit Bootcamp is a group fitness program designed to help you train hard and safely.

I combine (1) free weights and barbells, (2) body weight exercises, (3) resistance bands, (4) TRX Core Training and (5) high-performance cardio — namely step aerobics, running, cycle, Plyometrics (jump training) and jump ropes  — taking only calculated rests to achieve maximum results. Be ready for anything creative — workouts are never routine.

You’ll be challenged physically and mentally.  Your resting heartrate will decrease — meaning your heart will function more efficiently.

All fitness levels are welcome; all exercises can be modified and every level, age and size are welcome. Getting fit is GUARANTEED.

A monthly fee of $150 gets you full access to all bootcamps! That’s a $250 savings!  Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Join us TODAY!

Click HERE to Register for Bootcamp!

 Do something TODAY that your future self will thank U 4. Let me, Tiffany Weatherspoon & Bill Lee get you THERE!