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sucre. sugar. sweet.

limit your sugar intake. high-fructose corn syrup. sucrose ‘aka’ table sugar. additives such as sucralose. other preservatives contain it. it’s hidden everywhere. check the nutrition facts on your foods. that includes JUICE. drinking a glass of orange juice is like eating 8 oranges in one sitting — sweet, syrupy, yummy, “all-natural”, sugar-added, fattening juice. it’s rarely just juice. one cup of pepsi has 28 grams of sugar and a cup of orange juice has 22 grams of sugar.

no one should stop eating fruit for fear of fructose (natural sugar) because fruit is brimming with nutritional value — vitamins, minerals and fiber — and have relatively little fructose. it’s just that juice has been doctored to taste way sweeter than the fruit. when you have a taste for oj, eat an orange. #shrug

if it’s the vitamins you’re going after (side-eye), green bell peppers, spinach and broccoli equally have Vitamin C without the sugar.

short post. tall order.