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Protein Supplement Called Muscle Milk

I was asked on Facebook about  an increasingly popular protein supplement called Muscle Milk. I don’t normally venture into supplements — because the body can get what it needs from whole foods — but since I’ve been seeing Muscle Milk in supermarkets, drug stores and vending machines and it’s an important question, I took a look and share my answer here.

The idea behind the products is to build muscle, burn fat, promotes lean muscle growth and helps the user prepare for and recover from strenuous exercise. It seeks to emulate human milk without using any milk in the product — rather being mixed with proteins from milk, vegetable oils, flavorings, “vitamins,” “minerals” and sugar. There is nothing in these protein supplements that your body can’t get from real food.

If you feel like you need a pre- or post-workout boost and are considering Muscle Milk, etc, consider also this:

– Supplements such as Muscle milk are heavily processed.

– They contain heavy metals in quantities that are unsafe.

– Can you even pronounce everything on the above chart?

– It is artificially sweetened with the worst of the bunch – Acesulfame Potassium, a sweetener that has been linked to cancer. And Sucralose too.

If you take into account that most Americans get more than enough daily protein, there really is no reason to subject oneself to trendy nutrition and cool-sounding products that could potentially do more harm than good and were simply created to line pockets that aren’t yours.

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