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eating clean.

first off, some folk don’t like the term “eating clean” but bn-fit adopts it with enthusiasm because you have to clean up your diet in order to get fit.

in a nutshell:

do eat:  whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and minimal complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, bran, brown rice). there are lots of great recipes; check out my food as fuel category or this post: snack time: an ice cream-like treat.

don’t eat: fast food, refined sugar, white bread, preservatives, bad fats (hydrogenated and trans-fat), and most sugar subsitutes.

an easy way to remember if a food is clean is: “if man made it, don’t eat it.”

eating clean can be a major transition for a majority of people due to addictions to highly processed foods, especially fast food on a regular basis. the good news is, it isn’t impossible and once you make it a habit to eat clean, it becomes a part of your life.

a person that eats clean generally practices the following:

  • eliminates all refined sugar
  • cooks healthy meals
  • packs healthy meals
  • makes healthy choices when dining out
  • drinks a lot of water
  • eliminates alcoholic beverages (or significantly limits it)
  • no more dissecting food labels… go for real, single-ingredient foods that don’t need a list of confusing ingredients. Eating well doesn’t require math.

feel free to share those clean eatin’ recipes, ideas or ask your question in the comments section below.

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    Delmarie H.
    January 21, 2012

    No questions, Just have to do it. Every meal … every day.This really isn’t rocket science. It’s all about discipline. In the gym, at home, at work, out and about, on the road … A FULL OUT COMMITMENT TO LIVE A DISCIPLINED LIFE. And so it is. Amen PREPARE!!!!!!!!!

    • reply
      March 26, 2013

      Amen. Once you get in the habit of eating clean, it’s a no brainer. This coming from a LIFELONG snacker!