BN Fitness

BNFit Boot Camp M-F 6am and Sat at 8am

So we tried to accomodate the requests for evening group sessions, testing both Thursday and Saturday; perhaps I didn’t test long enough for them to work, but personal training is a priority in the evenings. The added session that worked was this past Saturday at 8am — PHENOMENAL…. a keeper. THANK YOU to the 20 people that came and I’ll see you again this Saturday — if not in 3 hours at the 6am Monday morning session. Below is a picture of me and Nuria Kalifa-Morgan, BNFit’s top recruiter, hitting 12-inch hurdles; the other BNFitters pictured are Shaki, Tiffany, Keenan and Tara.  We eventually grabbed either 10- or 25-lb plates and went berzerk on the hurdles. Excuses or Results — not both, huh?

What is BN-Fit Boot Camp?

BN-Fit Boot Camp is a fitness program designed to help you meet your fitness goals by training you hard, intense and safely.

Modeled after military boot camps, I combine cardio with strength training and body weight exercises (squats, lunges, planks) — taking only calculated rests to achieve maximum results.  All fitness levels are welcome; all exercises can be modified. Getting fit is GUARANTEED.

What day and What time?

Monday – Friday, 6 to 7 AM

What do you need to bring?

    1. Running shoes
    2. A set of light weights: 5 or 8 lbs *
    3. Exercise mat *
    4. Bottled water
    5. A serious work ethic.

* There are roughly 20 sets of weights/30 mats at CSC gym; first come, first served.

What’s the cost?

$10 a day. Most boot camps are $300/month and most personal trainers charge between $40 and $100 per hour. This is premier training for a fraction of the cost. Packages are available.

Where is BN-Fit Boot Camp located?

Capital Sports Complex — the old Run N’ Shoot
6417 Marlboro Pike
District Heights, MD

Let’s Goooooooo!